We help companies re-invent their products and services.


"It's strategy consulting without the tie
and at least 10 times faster."



Others call it design thinking, lean startup-ing, etc.
We have been calling it Guerrilla Innovation for 8 years:


    • Seeding • Prototyping • Evaluating • Watering • Pruning

    • Watering • We leave the harvesting to you (in most cases)

Things that we could
do together




 The mean(and lean)
 At least someone in your company is afraid of being bypassed by disruptive technologies or break-through startups. We make product and service strategies from the mean startup point of view.
At least you'll know
what to be afraid of
    OUT OF THE LAB AND ONTO THE STREETS You have a new technology or research finding. We innovate products, services and business models around it.
Cash in on your idea!


 We form small international teams to represent different backgrounds and cultures within the team. Funny-wise, therefore we don't need much research to figure out needs, trends and acceptance on different continents.
Think about it!
    THE 2-WEEK STARTUP You have a business idea and want to see quickly what it could look like. We call it the 2-week startup approach. We conceptualize and prototype everything from brand, looks, functions, interactions, experience to business model in 2 weeks.
Plant a bomb!


 INCOGNITO RESEARCH If you still need it, we get information and feedback from target clients without them even knowing it's you. Doubts about the acceptance of your new service or product?  We put prototype services and product evaluation sites out there under our name and give you all the numbers and insights you need. Go undercover!    OR JUST A WORKSHOP? You can have that, too. 

WE strategies
and innovation


We offer, mediate and organize the following disciplines:

product design, branding, graphic design, interaction design,
UX design, app design, service design, workshops, software
prototyping, product prototyping, service prototyping,

user research, SEO, packaging design, unpacking experience,
software development, trend scouting.